Monday, November 8, 2010

Unity Chapel and Graveyard

Unity Chapel near Taliesen.  The chapel and cemetery were part of the Lloyd/Jones (FLW's mother) Family Estate.  FLW was the draftsman and construction manager in 1886.  This was one of his first designs.

After leaving his wife and six children, Frank Lloyd Wright began a scandalous relationship with Mamah Cheney. Their relationship ended tragically when Mamah and her two children, along with four other people, were murdered at Taliesin. She was buried in the cemetery under a tree with a very small stone.  This is the Unity Chapel cemetery that Frank L Wright was buried in and most of his mother's family as well. The stone was a later addition, her grave was unmarked during most of FLW's life. 
A view of the Frank Lloyd Wright gravesite and Unity Chapel.  FLWright's body was removed from this site, but the grave marker still exists.


  1. Where did they take Frank? Took him out of the grave and moved him? Thanks for the history lesson. Did not know more than his architecture.

  2. Turmoil followed Wright even many years after his death on April 9, 1959 while undergoing surgery in Phoenix, Arizona to remove an intestinal obstruction.[61] His third wife, Olgivanna, ran the Fellowship after Wright's death, until her own death in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1985. That year, it was learned that her dying wish had been that Wright, she and her daughter by a first marriage all be cremated and relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona. By then, Wright's body had lain for over 25 years in the Lloyd-Jones cemetery, next to the Unity Chapel, near Taliesin, Wright's later-life home in Spring Green, Wisconsin.Olgivanna's plan called for a memorial garden, already in the works, to be finished and prepared for their remains. Although the garden had yet to be finished, his remains were prepared and sent to Scottsdale where they waited in storage for an unidentified amount of time before being interred in the memorial area. Today, the small cemetery south of Spring Green, Wisconsin and a long stone's throw from Taliesin, contains a gravestone marked with Wright's name but its grave is empty.


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